Dogs often wander into my studio but they don't usually stay as long as Bird did.

Puppy Puppy Puppy


My favorite part of traveling is stumbling across abandoned buildings on the horrible-horrible routes my GPS decides to take me on. Interesting fact! This motel was not abandoned, something I only realized once I had my hand on the door knob. Safety first.
Motel Motel Motel Motel Motel

Fort Segarra.

Fort Segarra Fort SegarraFort Segarra
Fort Segarra Fort Segarra
Fort Segarra
Fort Segarra Fort SegarraFort Segarra

Fort Segarra was to be an underground fort and its purpose was to protect the submarine base on St. Thomas. The war ended before its completion and the project was subsequently abandoned. The uncompleted post was transferred to the Army's Chemical Warfare Division in 1948 for testing poison gas and chemical agents on goats and pigeons for several years.


I've never seen a cow who didn't look like it was going to murder me.

Cow Cow

Mister Mannequin goes to Hollywood!

Back in May I shipped the mannequin out to LA! I'm finally getting to editing and posting the photos over on MRMANNEQUIN.COM. It's a long process as this project constantly gets put on the back burner because I have to work on actual paying projects. Surprisingly no one has offered to pay me to travel the world with my mannequin... yet.



A couple months back I found a naked Ken doll sitting near the garbage in my building. Like all normal adults I picked it up and posed it like he was waiting outside the men's restroom. The next day someone added two more dolls and from that point on the scene has changed almost every day. It's the little things that make life worth living.

Dolls Dolls
Dolls Dolls


2013 was not an awesome year. Aside from a few projects I worked on I shot almost nothing personal and as a result I'm insanely burnt out. I'm nostalgic for college when I would reserve studio time and spend all day shooting, or throw together a makeshift studio in my cramped dorm room. Now I have a studio of my own and I don't think I've used it for personal work once. 2014 will be different.
Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter

Holiday Party.

This year I added balloons and confetti to the photobooth. Next year I'm adding pyrotechnics.

Holiday Party Holiday Party Holiday Party Holiday Party
Holiday PartyHoliday Party Holiday Party Holiday Party
Holiday Party